MAAHSCO , Management Team & Certifications

MAAHSCO Transport’s Management Systems are designed to address specific business needs whilst achieving and exceeding our client’s requirements. Our manuals, policies, procedures and records clearly demonstrate our ability to consistently provide services that meet customers and applicable regulatory requirements. 

MAAHSCO Transport & Logistics is accredited and operates 
within all Regions of the Kingdom and under it’s regulations 
and guidelines. Our people have all the necessary licenses and certifications to deliver our complete array of services. 


Date 03 May 2018

MAAHSCO Solutions

Our continued focus on compliance and safety has resulted in an increase in our fleet size to 200 vehicles, 35 % growth in the last  three years in a receding market. We have a reputation as a "Can Do" Company where nothing is too hard and excel in remote area projects and the “Big Jobs” 
others shy away from. We are committed to supplying good quality, specific vehicles for each task with trained operators and comprehensive working systems

MAAHSCO Transport & Logistics capabilities include all size body trucks, Crane Trucks, Truck-mounted forklifts, Semi Cranes, various Semi Trailer Combinations, Container Vehicles, Low Loaders, Specialized trailers and 
a full Project Management Team

With a focus on professional and dynamic leadership, investment in modern equipment and our employees we believe we have the solutions for all transport requirements no matter the project. Our motivation to deliver real 
customer service along with preserving our seamless safety record, 
MAAHSCO Transport and Logistics will continue improving, growing & leading 
in the specialized transport industry for many years to come. 

Date 21 February 2018

Service, Safety & Solutions

COMPANY OVERVIEW Established in 1992, we have grown teadily to become one of Kingdom’s largest privately owned transport and logistics companies. Our goal is to understand your business and provide a customized transport solutions that includes competitive rates, an authentic approach to real customer service and a proactive effort to meet your expectations. 
We take pride in employing only the best available Drivers & Staff. Our people are what make us the best in the business. What makes us unique is we have a very low staff and driver turnover which allows us to really get to know you and your business and maintain a superior service. There is NO compromise made with regard to safety. We take all practical steps to ensure the safety of all our employees, customers and the general public. With an extensive fleet of over 200 vehicles ranging in size from extendable semi-trailers, crane trucks, low loaders, tilt trays, side loaders, floats, pilots and many more. Our fleet not only covers the Eastern Region, 
there isn’t anywhere in the Kingdom we can’t service. MAAHSCO Transport & Logistics also offers advanced transport technology capabilities giving our customers cutting edge access to real time GPS, track and trace abilities to ensure your goods are locatable at all times. 

Date 18 February 2018

MAAHSCO , Safety Procedures

MAAHSCO Transport & Logistics recognizes its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for employees, customers and the community. We are committed to providing an ongoing commitment to SAFETY’. This commitment extends to ensuring that the operations of any 
“MAAHSCO” workplace does not place anyone at any unnecessary risk of injury, illness or damage to property. 

MAAHSCO Transport & Logisticsviews the legislative requirements as the minimum acceptable standard and will constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards of occupational health and safety. Transport is a highly legislated industry and over the last few years we have seen a vast amount of new legislation that affects what and how we do things. We devote onsiderable time ensuring we meet all regulations concerning our industry. 

Our Safety Standards

  • All drivers hold relevant certification and qualifications.
  • All drivers undergo comprehensive induction and training prior to commencing employment and undergo annual audits.
  • All drivers carry appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 
  • MAAHSCO drivers and Safety Officers conduct complete site safety inspections.
  • MAAHSCO provides training for employees & contractors to carry out duties safely whilst meeting all legislative requirements.
  • Full industry code Work Method Statements are provided.
  • We have a dedicated “Risk Team” employed to oversee all our safety policies, procedures, training and implementation. Chain of Responsibility Compliance (COR).
  • Full Chain of Responsibility (COR) compliance.
  • All drivers have necessary training and certification 
Date 25 January 2018