Real - Estate Investments

MAAHSCO acts on behalf of investors to source and assist in the acquisition of property development projects. Investors are able to invest in individual project 
syndicates or alternatively can acquire whole projects depending on their financial and investment requirements. MAAHSCO works closely with its clients to understand their preferred investment profile and keeps clients informed with regard to pending investment opportunities suitable to their requirements. 
MAAHSCO license allows it to deal in securities and to provide general product advice in relation to developments under its management

Frequently MAAHSCO acquires sites and set up a company to purchase the site. 
Shares in the company are then sold to investors. MAAHSCO manages 
the company and upon completion the company is wound up and remaining capital and profits are distributed to investors. If you are interested in investing in a MAAHSCO property development syndicate please register your interest 
the official Real-estate & Property Management Office 
by calling on +966 1 38222888 
to discuss our opportunities in person.

  • Property Development and Investments 
  • Focused on Exceeding Client Expectations 
  • Unique Off Market Opportunities 
  • Delivering Better Environments 
  • Competitive Fee Structures

MAAHSCO Real-estate & property management was established in 
1995 to provide expert project management and marketing services to residential 
and commercial land developers. Its aim is to provide value for money to its 
client base with a view to expanding the business rather than maximizing 
fee income from each project. The company is controlled by Chairman Mr. 
MAAHSCO Real-estate & property management employs a team of dedicated staff including project managers, licensed valuers, real-estate salespeople and town planning professionals and support staff.
MAAHSCO Real-estate & property management holds a Saudi Property Services 
License allowing it to deal in securities and to provide general product advice on projects it manages. It is a licensed real estate agent in Saudi Arabia. 
On behalf of its clients MAAHSCO Real-estate & property management
has sourced, negotiated and assisted with the purchase of developable land worth more than SR 500 million in recent years.The company currently manages 
projects that will yield a total of over 3000 lots with a subdivided value 
more than SR 500 million.